Mas Rajols Farm, 08511 Tavertet, Catalonia
+34 634 557 276


Mycelio works in collaboration with other companies and and organizations:

L’Avenc de Tavertet

In the basement of this eco-hotel is our mushroom growing room. We are also the providers of gourmet mushrooms for its restaurant “El Raconet” and together with the hotel team we carry out the Mycotourism events.

Life MycoRescore

EU environmental project that joins different institutions and organizations centered in the “Innovative use of mycological resources for resilient and productive mediterranean forests threatened by climate change”

Lunatic Gastronomia Saludable

Company focused on the development of gluten-free vegan products that uses our mushrooms as the base of many of its plates


One of the most experienced mushroom producers of the region with whom we have a collaboration for sales and distribution.