Maitake is a mushroom native to Montseny but very scarce. For years it is appreciated by the people of the Montseny villages for its exquisite aroma and flavor. This specie is characterized by its consistent texture and its coralloid shape. It can be crumbled into leaves or small knobs, without washing, to sauté or fry with olive oil over a high heat. The flesh of the chestnut mushroom does not absorb the oils and, on the other hand, the temperature of the hot oil highlights its flavor.


Commonly called thistle mushroom. The hat is dark brown to gray and the foot eccentric in wild specimens. In the cultivated varieties it is favored that it makes a thick foot, very interesting for the cooks. Its light, pleasant smell and its sweet taste make it one of the tastiest and most wanted mushrooms. Its meat is white and of exquisite flavor and it combines well with all kinds of food and is easy to digest.


The shiitake is a fungus with an intense flavor that looks a bit like meat (which in Japanese is called umami) so they are used a lot in traditional vegetarian dishes. In recent years it has become widely popular in Western cuisine from Asian countries. To facilitate giving more possibilities to the cooks, we classify them in different sizes.

Lion´s mane

The lion´s mane (Hericium erinaceus), or monkey head, stands out for its round shape with long white barbed spines and has always been a rare and much appreciated finding in the forest. Its texture is fleshy and tender with a pleasant, sweet and smooth flavor similar to seafood. It is one of the most used mushrooms in oriental medicine, it seems to have regenerative properties of nerves, stimulate nerve growth and help people with cognitive disabilities.